6 Stepping Stones into Young Adulthood


How do young people intentionally transition from adolescence to young adulthood?  It wasn’t too long ago that this transition happened rather rapidly.  In a matter of only a few years, a child could assume adulthood.  Yet, today experts say it can take 10-15 years to make the transition.  Numerous factors contribute to this prolonging of arrival to adulthood.  Yet, it is as though the passage has moved from crossing a small creek bed to navigating a wide, rushing river.  At this point in time, it seems like our culture does not offer much guidance into how we grow and mature into healthy adults.  How do we cross this river now?  We graduate from high school and somehow hope to stumble into adult life by (A) completing college, (B) getting a full time job, (C) getting married, (D) having kids.  It’s as though we stand at the crossing of a raging river and are left to our own devices as to how we navigate to the other side.

This podcast takes you into ‘6 Stepping Stones’ of growth towards young adulthood.  Luke Parrott gives an overview of these critical areas of development that KIVU spends time developing over the course of the program.  Those 6 areas are:

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Cultural Competence (CQ)
  • Faith Ownership & Integration
  • Family & Belonging
  • Passion & Calling
  • Justice & Compassion

We believe these stepping stones give students a route across the ever widening river of transition to young adulthood.  By focusing on these 6 areas, our students can make their first decision after high school their best decision.  It also provides a great launching pad for students to enter college and life beyond in a more comprehensive and holistic way.  A gap year is about putting the right stepping stones in place to navigate across the waters of growing into adulthood.  We hope you enjoy this podcast!

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