Great Gap Year Myth #4: “I Can’t Afford it.”


Great Gap Year Myths.006

Meet Natalie Rohne, class of 2015, with her perspective on Myth #4: “I Can’t Afford it.”

I’ll never forget the moment I looked down at the pamphlet in my hands that read the five-digit figure amount I would have to raise in order to embark on this endeavor. There may or may not have been some trembling… Feelings of disbelief and even despair welled up inside me as I attempted to grasp the weight of this situation. I did not have the money. I could not get the money in time. I thought for sure I would have to leave the idea of this trip behind simply because I could not afford it.

To those of you who feel the same and are discouraged by that five-digit figure, let me assure you one very crucial thing I learned about gap year and that is the essence of God’s Provision. I firmly believe if you are meant to be on that trip, you will be on that trip. God will provide the money in the most bizarre, unconventional of ways. I look back on my nine-month fundraising campaign and remember the times a random person walked up to me with a check, set it in my hands, and walked away. I remember the people I was very slightly acquainted with but never really knew, and still they opted to offer money for my trip. These were investments, which created wonderful friends and a beautiful support system. The point is- God makes it happen.

However, that is not to say it comes without work. I had to work a lot to make this dream come true. This manifested in my working throughout high school and stacking up hours during the summers, and of course, a lot of saving. My fundraising campaign included the designing and selling of t-shirts and matching water bottles, which was hugely successful and even gained more attention for KIVU as people were wearing them around. My mother and I planned an event night hosted at our church and served a dinner along with a silent auction. However, we planned the event on the night of a major UA basketball game and it was not as successful as we had hoped… The key to fundraising is to talk, with anyone and everyone, about what you are doing. Tell people. Share your story. People are intrigued by this and if you are open and willing to invite others to be apart of the journey, money and new friends will pour in from places you never anticipated. I started with less than $100 to begin my campaign and walked away a year and two days later with the trip fully funded. God provides, so let Him.  


DID YOU KNOW?  Over 50% of our students raise funds in order to participate.  

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