Great Gap Year Myth #1: I Won’t Return to College

Great Gap Year Myths.003

Welcome to our first installment in a new blog series, titled “Great Gap Year Myths”.  Our alumni are taking over as guest bloggers on this site to share with you their favorite myths about doing a gap year.  Here is Blair Boring, Class of 2014, with her perspective on Myth #1:  I Won’t Return to College.

Before I bust this myth, can I be honest for a second?

When I decided to join the KIVU Gap Year I honestly hoped I wouldn’t return home and go to college. Yep. I said it.

Have you ever met someone who said they weren’t a “school” person? Someone who enjoys school for the social bits but is completely unmotivated academically? Someone who passes all of their classes only because their teachers like them enough to give them a C?

For some of you reading, you know that person. For some of you reading, you are that person. For the latter group of you, I can relate.

That was me too.

Thankfully for me, in order to be accepted by The KIVU Gap Year you have to apply to a college of your choice and have an academic future & goal in mind. So, I applied to a few schools and got accepted (barely…) and a couple of months later I began the gap year where my thoughts on school and higher education were drastically changed.

My mind change was not because of one miraculous life changing experience, but rather the very gradual tug on my heart by God asking me “Why have you taken for granted the opportunities I have given you?”

We met some really, really incredible people all over the world. Some who never went to school, never graduated from high school, never dreamed of attending college, but who had amazing, fulfilling, beautiful, life-giving lives. People who dedicated their days to the benefit, the education, the lives of others.

At first, this notion got me fired up about the idea of dropping everything and moving to Rwanda to teach english or The Philippines to serve the least of these; but over time, God helped me see the opportunity we are given to attend school this way…

Jesus doesn’t ever tell us that college is mandatory, it isn’t. But don’t see this as your way out of a college education. Rather, see the idea of a college education, not being designed or created by God, as a very unique opportunity given to you by God to give you worldly “qualification” in a world that doesn’t know or love God.

Say that ten times fast…

Because we are sinners, the world is broken. The only way to help mend the broken parts of the world is to use the salt and light God gives us and Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…” Matt 28:19

Some “nations” are more difficult to get to than others.

You can’t make an impact on a multi million dollar company’s CEO without being “qualified” enough to sit in his or her office.  You can’t throw ideas around with a producer about the next big movie without knowing how to write a script.  You most certainly cannot lead the United States of America without being “qualified” in the eyes of the American people.

College is not meant to be another annoying “step” in life, it is an incredible privilege and God uses this worldly “qualification” to put Jesus followers in the midst of the world’s most influential workplaces.

As crazy as it sounds, by graduating from college, you’re giving God the ability to use you to reach a different kind of unreached people.

And if this didn’t sway you, Dining hall food is pretty good too.

Contact Info:

Facebook: Blair Boring

Instagram: Blizzairrrr




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