New Study reveals Gap Year Students Graduate College in Less than 4 Years


A new study has been released this week indicating students who take a gap year have a median time to graduation of 3.75 years (for a 4 year degree).  This research is encouraging towards those who desire to see a gap year investment pay off on the back end of higher education.

When you compare this statistic to the latest indication that 40% of college students never complete their degree and the other 60% take 5-6 years to graduate, there is encouraging news towards progress in higher learning completion.  Gap years are doing the job of sharpening students to be resilient and focused when they reach their undergraduate studies.

IMG_6484 copy

More and more students and their parents are willing to take a risk and make bolder investments on the front end of their traditional education path in order to see greater rewards after college.

The study also reveals:
•       Gap Year graduates are almost twice as likely to vote in national elections.
•       89% reported participating in community service in the last month.
•       83% of respondents indicated a GPA of 3.0 or higher. 42% reported a GPA of 3.7 (or higher).
•       86% indicated they were satisfied or very satisfied with their jobs.

The gap year investment is one which continues to give back as a student progresses through the education system and looks for job placement and satisfaction thereafter.

IMG_1865 copy


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